Friday, 11 May 2012

I hate insomnia

I have some sensible stuff to say today, but right now I just want to rant about lack of sleep, which I have right now.

It's past midnight and I can't sleep. Obviously! Ugh. I totally messed up my sleeping pattern. But it's weird because I can't sleep at night and I can't wake up in the morning. Great. What the hell is wrong with me? 

Since, I got nothing to do and I can't sleep, I'll try to coherently type these random and nonsense stuffs out of my head. Hnng... 

"Holy crap! I need to pee but is it worth to get up and pee?"

"Does this mean I have insomnia?  Am I now unpretentiously allowed to declare—oh, wait, no, I had that coffee right before I went to bed—who does that?  Who in the actual hell does that?"

"I've been playing my sleep playlist but still I can't sleep? What on earth!"

"I wonder if majority of the teenagers have trouble in sleeping. Hmm." 

"I swear, I seriously need to pee. And I'm thirsty. Gaaah!"

"It’s four thirty in the morning, I haven’t slept a wink, and I'm browsing all over the net about random stuffs like are there really UFO's, top dangerous places on earth, world facts, etc..."

"Jonsi's Go Do is on the playlist. I love this song."


"Arghhh! I don't know what to type anymore.." K.Thanks.Bye.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

In the Middle of the Sea (Sandbar Escapade)

This is the Sandbar of Manjuyod and Bais City, located about forty kilometers north of the capital city of Dumaguete, province of Negros Oriental, Philippines.
Sandbar is situated in the middle of the sea. It is called sandbar because one can see the formation of bars of sand in the area at certain times of the day at low tide.
During high tide, the sandbars are submerged and the water rises to as high as four feet. Since water is all over everyone stays at the motor boat to just dive in the water.
However, when it is low tide, the sandbars emerge and the area becomes dry it becomes a perfect place to just stroll, play beach volleyball, Frisbee and other games except hide and seek (if you know what i mean! lol!)  or just do whatever you want to do. 
There are four cottages (if I'm not mistaken) on stilts which is made of rugged and basic simplicity where you can stay for hours or rent overnight. No TV, no traffic and not even a next door neighbor. The huts spread on the shoal, each is spaced widely by at least a hundred meters apart.
I must admit that this is one of the best beaches I've been so far. 
Imagine this - a patch of white sand in the middle of the ocean that comes and goes with the tide. Water recedes and a beach of glistening fine sand emerges, stretching up to seven kilometers from end to end. Then, in no time, the sea rises and reclaims the earth and everything around you is water. Plus, you can also watch dolphins and whales here. The dolphins just went around in seeming circles, as if to entertain. Whales are typically more shy, lumbering in a greater distance in the deep. Isn't it amazing?

If you want to get reservations and more info about Sandbar, just click this page: